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Mike Norfolk OBE 1939-2021

BVF is very sad to announce the death of Mike Norfolk after a long illness.

Lyn Robinson writes:

It is with great sadness that Mark Robertson has passed on the news that Mike Norfolk OBE passed away today.

He was an enormous influence on Mark’s fencing career both at Wrexham FC and the reason I and many others joined Welsh Veterans Fencing.

Mike was a driving force for the Welsh Veterans as well as for his charity work for Chester Hospital for which he received his OBE. He was instrumental in setting up the Celtic Challenge, working tirelessly for the Veteran Commonwealth to be recognised and as a well respected coach and sabreur at Wrexham Fencing Club.

He is very much missed. Rest in peace, Mike.

If any BVF members wish to add their thoughts to Mike’s obituary, please email your thoughts to