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Covid Precautions for the Guildford Event

Although we are now free from most restrictions, BVF is aware that the pandemic is far from over and we need to do what we can to mitigate the risks.
Luckily our demographic has mostly been double vaccinated, but we don’t want to spread the virus amongst ourselves or to others, so we will be implementing the measures below, including confirmation of no Covid symptoms and a negative lateral flow test within the preceding 48 hours, to keep everyone as safe as possible…

Covid Precautions

The venue

To keep our fencers as separate as possible, entry will not be via the main entrance, but via the side entrance which leads directly to the fencing hall. Go through the underground carpark, walk to the far end and follow the signs to this entrance. Check in will be stationed here.

The hall
The fencing hall is 7m high and will be well ventilated. The doors at one end will be kept open and the air conditioning will keep the air circulating.

Changing Rooms
We recommend fencers come and leave changed, but if this is not possible the changing rooms will be open, but are unfortunately to be shared with squash players.

Refreshments are available from the canteen upstairs, but we would prefer you to bring your own, if possible, to limit the amount of indoor mixing.

Please bring your own water bottles to limit the risk of cross contamination.

Spectators will be allowed if necessary, but space is limited so please don’t invite all your friends and relations!
Spectators will be subject to the same advice as fencers and will need to have taken a lateral flow and fill out the Covid form which will be available on the website. Spectators are expected to wear face coverings.

BVF Requirements

Negative lateral flow test and no Covid symptoms required
A form will be emailed to you before the event. Please look out for it – it is also available on the website>>>. By completing this form you will confirm you are free of covid symptoms and that you have taken a lateral flow test with a negative result in the 48 hours before the event. Lateral flow tests are available free of charge from pharmacies or the website. To find out more about the tests click here… and see how to take the test here…
If you have not submitted your form, there will be a limited number of test kits available at check in and you will be required to take one before you are allowed in.
Spectators will also be required to submit a form, so please ensure they are informed of this requirement.

At Check-in we will be taking your temperature and checking that you have submitted the Covid form. Please try and give fellow fencers space and don’t crowd round. We won’t start without you!

Face coverings
We strongly recommend face coverings are worn, when not fencing, on advice from Clare Halsted, BF medical officer. Spectators should wear face coverings at all times.

Electronic announcements
Poule announcements, results etc. will all be available via Fencing Time software and there is good wi-fi available, so please make use of this facility and don’t crowd around the papers that go up. QR codes will be put up around the hall which will link to Fencing Time.

Social distancing
Please try and respect everyone’s space. Although social distancing is not compulsory, we do encourage everyone to give each other space.

No handshakes and no shouting
Fencers should not shake hands after fencing with either competitors or referees. And sorry to rain on your parade if you’re a screamer, but shouting is off-limits!

Medal ceremonies
Medals will be awarded for the first three in each category, but will be collected from a table. Please try and refrain from hugging and kissing your fellow medallists!

There will be an armoury service available. Please give them space and respect social distancing if there is a queue.

Fencing bags must be left in the corridor to give more space within the hall. Fencers may take a small bag in with them. Please try not to crowd round too much. It’s a big ask, but let’s try!

If you have to withdraw due to Covid-related issues you will be fully refunded.