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Guildford entry has re-opened

Entry for the Guildford Event is now open on Sport80

There are a few points to note below…

Selecting the rght boxes

When you select which competitions to enter, you will see three checkboxes for foil, epee and sabre as well as your category. You need to select all that apply e.g. To enter WS2, check the Sabre and the WS2 boxes. To enter WS2 and WE2, check the Sabre and Epee boxes and the WS2 and the WE2 boxes.


£40 (Late entries £75 at organisers’ discretion).  Entry for a second competition £25, for a third competition £15. Closing date is Wednesday 30th June.

Discount Codes

To get the discount on entering two weapons, enter the discount code BVF2WEAPON. For all three weapons use BVF3WEAPON whereupon the foil entry will disappear, but your confirmation email will include all 3 weapons.


Sport80 is set up to allow a user to enter a number of competitors hence the ‘NEXT’ button will take you back make another entry rather than to the next page of the entry process!