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Guildford Event 2021

After a very long time away from fencing, the Guildford Event was the first BVF competition to be held since the 2020 pandemic took hold. A host of Covid precautions were put in place to ensure that this competition was as safe as possible. Despite the tests and the masks, the competition was well attended and everyone was pleased to be back on the piste and more importantly back together again.

All the results can be viewed here>>>

Mens Foil Cat 1
Mens Foil Cat 2
Mens Foil Cat 3
Mens Foil Cat 4
Mens epee Cat 1
Mens epee Cat 2
Mens epee Cat 3
Mens epee Cat 4
Mens sabre Cat 1
Mens sabre Cat 2
Mens sabre Cat 3
Mens sabre Cat 4
Womens foil Cat 1
Womens foil Cat 2
Womens Foil Cat 3
Womens Foil Cat 4
Womens epee Cat 2
Womens Epee Cat 3
Womens epee Cat 4
Womens Sabre Cat 1
Womens Sabre Cat 2
Womens sabre Cat 3
Womens sabre Cat 4 plus 2!

Do you have any photos of the missing medallists? Email Lucy if you have!