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Notice of EGM

All members of British Veterans Fencing are invited to an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held via Zoom on Wednesday 20th October 2021 at 6.30pm

Members will need to register to attend the event by following this link>>>

Please have your BVF membership number to hand.


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Welcome and constitution overview – Carl Morris
  3. Addressing questions on the Constitution that have been submitted to the committee prior to the EGM – The Committee
  4. Vote to accept the New Constitution- Beth Davidson
  5. Meeting Close – Carl Morris

Download the proposed constitution>>>

Message from the Chairman

We are proposing an updated constitution which we hope will be accepted. Firstly let me thank you for all your suggestions to this document, almost all of which we have agreed and incorporated.
Parts of the existing constitution have been taken out and can be found in Rules & Regulations which can now be found on the website.

It’s a bit of a dry document to expect you all to trawl through so I thought it might be helpful to outline the main changes here.

  • The Committee has the authority to decide on virtual, physical or combined meetings in the future.
  • For continuity of experience we are proposing that each Committee members serves a 3 year term prior to being subject to re-election.
  • The Committee has the authority to appoint a Vice President to step in should there be the unlikely event that the Committee should cease to function.
  • We are proposing the title of Chairman be changed to President.
  • Only the offices of President, Treasurer and Secretary will be specifically appointed at an AGM.  Ordinary Committee members will take up roles as appropriate.
  • The introduction of a BVF Disciplinary Code.
  • Future AGMs to be held within 4 months of the financial year end (BVF financial year runs Jan – Dec).
  • Because of a larger number of people being expected at online meetings the quorum has been increased to 25.

The above is not exhaustive but these are the main changes.

Because of the online aspect of the EGM it may be difficult answering questions posed at the meeting, however I am sure some of you will have some and we do want to ensure every member has the opportunity to raise queries or express opinions. This being the case could I ask you to send any questions to me at least 5 days prior to the meeting and one of us will definitely attempt to answer or explain.

This is the last of numerous drafts and has been consulted on and amended by the membership. In our opinion, this is a thorough and considered document.  According to the Constitution we won’t be able to vote on a document changed since the announcement of the EGM so the membership will be voting either to accept or reject the whole document.

If the proposed Constitution is adopted, then it dictates that the next AGM will be within four months of the end of this financial year (31 December). We will endeavour to make it as soon as possible after year end so that the accounts for 2020 and 2021 can be approved and Committee members elected under the new three-year regimen. We will however be publishing the 2020 accounts and reports before the year end for your information.