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Paul Donaldson RIP

Anyone who knew him knows what we have lost

It is with the deepest sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved fencing coach, Paul Donaldson.

His influence extended far beyond the borders of the fencing department of ETV – he was not only an outstanding coach, but also a trusted friend and an empathetic listener.

Born in Scotland, Paul chose not only Germany, but above all Hamburg as his home. His dedication and passion for the sport of fencing have shaped the fencing department of ETV Hamburg and made it what it is today. The largest club in the HFV.

He has been active in his club for more than 25 years and has achieved many successes as a coach with his fencers.

Including many top placings at the Deutschlandpokal, German, European and World Championships. He was a great motivator at the Fencing planche.

Paul was more than just a coach – he was a person with a big heart, always committed and ready to help others. His warm smile and inspiring personality left their mark not only on the fencing track, but also on countless social occasions. He has achieved a lot of success, especially with the veterans-fencers. He also initiated the International Weißherbst Tournament in Hamburg.

Paul will live on in our hearts not only as a teacher for athletes, but also as a creator of friendships that went beyond the sporting sphere. May he rest in peace, and his legacy will always remind us of how he shaped the department and its members with his cohesion.

The members of the fencing department of ETV Hamburg e.V.

The Hamburg Fencing Federation together with the board and the members of the clubs, expresses its sincere condolences to his family.

ETV Fencing Board