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World Championships 2021 cancelled

At last we have a decision on the Vets Worlds.

The FIE has decided that the 2021 World Championships postponed from October, possibly rescheduled for January will now be cancelled completely.

With differing quarantine regulations from country to country and Covid still not yet beaten, this is not a complete surprise and probably the least worst option.

A disappointment for all of us who had performed well enough to qualify for a team place, especially as this is now the second year it has happened, but an understandable decision.

So onward and upward! The qualification events for the European Teams and the Worlds now start for 2022, keeping fingers well and truly crossed.

Unusually this year we are starting early with the BVF Championships on 29 – 31 October as the first of our qualifying events, counting for 2022 so it’s an important one to get to if you can!

Hope to see you all there.