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Bernhard Enders 1946-2020

30/12/1946 – 03/03/2020

It is with great sadness that I have to report that our beloved Bernhard died of a heart attack just before the first national lockdown in 2020, all too early for a man of only 73.

Bernhard was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He was married to Renate, whom he later divorced in 1980. They had a beautiful daughter by the name of Melissa. She went on to give Bernhard three wonderful grandchildren, Neil who was born in 2002, Roan born in 2005 and Maximillian born in 2010, all of whom became his world. He would talk repeatedly about them and tell all how much they meant to him. On one occasion he brought them to have a lesson in fencing and I have very fond memories of that day, he was so, so proud!

Bernhard lead a very active life starting with his profession of teaching languages and sport, the latter of which he also participated in in his free time partaking in Karate, Kendo and fencing regularly.

In around 1980 he moved to the UK and then married his second wife, Jacqueline. At this time he was teaching at Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs, specialising in his love of Languages.

He joined Invicta Fencing Club in 2008, only a year after the club was established, where he became a regular member until his knees started to play up. In February 2013 he came back to fencing but only having one to one private lessons at first but then returned to fence, mainly epee but with the occasional sabre bout at the club. He was always complaining about the right of way rule in sabre so decided to join Mad Siksh in London for what he called ‘real fencing’. From what he told me this was fencing without protection or rules! It conjured up all types of images but he seemed to love it!

In 2011 Bernhard joined the Great Britain Team as an individual fencer in his own right at the European Championships in Henin Breaumont, France. This was a massive achievement and one he was immensely proud of despite only having a German passport. I remember the arguments and conversations that went on at this time as fencing for GB with a German passport brought its own challenges but he persisted and won over!

I will, personally, always have a special place in my heart for Bernhard, who became a close and valued friend and he will be sorely missed.

My heart goes out to those he has left behind, Melissa, Neil, Roan and Maximillian.

He was a wonderful man with a big heart and massive soul.

Bernhard Enders, a very special man, may you forever rest in peace.

Kate Morwell-Neave