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Vets Winton 2021

Competition licence ID #37859

This is an inter-region competition. Anyone wishing to fence in the Winton should contact their regional organiser regarding team representation.

Download this year’s information>>>

On the Saturday evening there will be a Gala Dinner. Please book your place and choose your meal here>>>

Welfare Officer

Paul Baillache 07776 745506


Kit requirements

The Winton Cup requires fencers to wear clothing according to BF guidelines.

For all British competitions, including warm up sparring, and in the club you must wear:-

  • A 350 Newton (CEN level 1) or 800 Newton (CEN level 2) jacket.
  • 350 Newton (CEN level 1) or 800 Newton (CEN level 2) breeches.
  • A separate 800 Newton plastron under your jacket.
  • A mask with 1600 Newton (CEN Level 2) or 350 Newton (CEN level 1) bib, safety back strap, in good condition and fitting securely. On ‘contour’ masks a separate safety back strap is not compulsory.
  • At sabre, a CEN level 2 glove (sometimes referred to as an ‘FIE glove’).
  • Long socks pulled up to the knee.

Fencer’s clothing must always comply with the BF clothing rules that can be
found on this website as Appendix 1 to the BF Safety Guidelines
<> .