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Cary Zitcer 1956-2016

It is with great sadness that we announce that Cary Zitcer died suddenly at the age of 60 on 8 October 2016.

Cary was a well-known sabreur, having fenced internationally at junior, senior and veterans level. He was a member of the current BF Honours Committee, Chairman of St Paul’s Fencing Club in London, and part of the team that delivered the recent European Veterans Team Championships.

BVF extends its condolences to his family and many friends.

Cary Zitcer photo

I am shocked by the news of the passing of Cary Zitcer.

Cary was a special sort of chap. When I met him I immediately felt an affinity towards him. He was a uniquely nice guy.

The photo onthe right shows him relaxing with and on his sabre friends Mark Hall and Jim Philbin.

John Mason

I am saddened by this news. I did not know Cary well before ET16 having only met him at the BVF nationals on a few occasions. Working with Cary was a pleasure, an intelligent and witty gentleman, I will miss him.

Jon Dawkins

Sad, sad, sad day.

Steve Fox

I am in total shock and feel deeply sad and lost for words. His daughters are so young, I feel so sad for them!

All the memories I have of Cary are FUN LAUGH FUN LAUGH..

Annaick Dulac
Escrime Academy

Cary was a warm and generous man to whom I owe personal thanks when he gave me enough notice to allow me to take his place at a Veteran’s World Championships.

It was always fun fencing Cary and with the ‘Zitcer Blitzer’ invariably a challenge not to get caught up in what must have been one of the fastest parry ripostes in sabre.

I know he has a wife and 2 daughters and I would appreciate it if you would pass on to them my condolences and ‘to wish them a long life’.

Cary Zitcer, alav ha-sholum, was a good man, with a warm humour and he will be missed.

Anthony Silver

Cary and I go back to his start in fencing at the LFC and we enjoyed a great friendship in our teens. Sadly we went I different ways and lost contact but, as life has it, talking to our local nurse I found she and Cary were close friends and we were about to around a meeting!

From all accounts Cary did not change from his exuberant teen self but found time to raise a good family.

His passing shocked me deeper than I would have thought, we will miss him.

Stefan Wasilewski

Sad news, John, but nothing is more certain in this life than it’s going to happen to all of us.

I recall Cary being a colleague for a time on Joe Eden’s Under 20 Committee. He mostly confined his involvement to organising the sabre division of the competitions and international trips that fell within the Committee’s remit. To us non-sabreurs, he came across as one of the cooler heads in Joe’s circle, which was sometimes dubbed the ‘Provisional Wing’ of the AFA.

Alan Loveland

I remember fencing with Cary for London in the 2011 Veterans Winton cup. He was always supportive and cheerful, whether we won or lost! He will be missed

Kevin Alexander

Yet another sad loss for the vets and fencing

Tracy Russen

I was truly shocked to hear the sad news of Cary’s untimely death. We had been friends since the heady days of the GB U20 team.

He was a uniquely special man with wisdom and wit . I shall miss his sense of humour and treasure all the laughs we had.

Debbie Taverner

The sudden and untimely passing of Cary is as shocking as it is devastating – it is hard to take in that he is no longer with us.

Cary and I were the best of friends for over 40 years during which time we shared many, many happy experiences both on and off the piste. Cary was best man at my wedding, we fought side by side in countless sabre team matches, we shared birthday celebrations and even went on holiday together – he was a much loved part of our family.

I will miss Cary’s schoolboy pranks, his constant look out for making mischief, the inevitable question whenever we met “do you think I’ve lost weight?” and the sheer fun and joy of just being in his presence. But more importantly I will miss his calm and reassuring manner, his diplomacy, his counselling and the certainty that whatever the situation Cary was the most loyal friend anyone could wish to have.

Cary was a huge part of my life and I will miss him terribly but I am thankful that he has left me with so many happy memories.

Jim Philbin