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Sheila Williams 1949-2016

We are saddened by the news of the passing of Sheila Williams.

A message from her family:

“In early 2012, Sheila was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. For much of the last four years, she was able to continue to live an active and independent life at home as she wished. She died peacefully on Thursday at the care home in Mexborough, where she had been for the last few months.

We are grieving for our loss, grateful for the time we had and the care she received, and relieved that she is no longer suffering.”

Sheila was a BVF member since 2000 and was a regular competitor in BVF events.

Sheila Williams photo

I am sad about Sheila. She had suffered so much though, that in a way I am not sorry that she is now at peace.

We both fenced at Thames for several years, as well as meeting at comps and matches, where she was always an unassuming fencer – no, “side” about her, whatsoever. Just unfailingly good- humoured and dependable in a team. She even responded cheerfully to a teams shortage last autumn, when she was in a pretty dreadful state.

We could do with a lot more like her – a refreshing antidote to some of the Divas we do have (men as well as women).

Syllvia Brown

Sorry to hear of the loss of such a wonderful lady.

Sheila was always a joy to be with on and off the piste.

Always smiling, and laughing. When Sheila was watching, she made losing a fight forgettable, and the winning even more enjoyable. I can never forget such a wonderful friend.

My heart and sincere condolences go out to Sheila’s family.

Stephen Watson