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Latest Selection news 2021

We are still waiting for information from the FIE on the Veteran World Championships. As soon as the details have been confirmed, we will inform members and ask the first 8 fencers in each category on the ranking list, to confirm whether or not they would compete if selected.
The first 2 fencers on the ranking list will automatically be selected if available, the next 2 will be chosen by the selectors who may take into considerations other factors than just the ranking list.

The ranking list has been calculated in the normal way, except that fencers who have moved up a category have taken the points scored in the lower category with them as 2 of their results. The one exception to this is where the size of the category 1 competition was too small to give a fair result, and points were awarded by comparing the fencer’s results with others in category 2.

Please note that fencers who were eliminated in the semi-finals were separated into 3rd/4th places by their seeding for the DE.

Please check the ranking results and notify me of any issues regarding the accuracy of the ranking.

It is not expected that the ranking points here will be used for next season’s selection.

Graham 15.08.2021

Guildford 2021 Age Group results

Guildford 2020 International results